Getting Back 2U

Do you feel like you are failing at being the parent you would like to be?

Do you struggle to hold your patience, and then feel terrible when you snap?

Are you worried about the deepening disconnection with your kids?

Are you just about getting through the day, but it feels like an uphill battle?


Do you wish you could have a fun and loving relationship with your kids, before they are too old and have left home?

Do you dream of just being able to get out the door when you are going out, without there having to be battle every time?

Do you wish that someone would wave a magic wand and take away the burden of the mental load?

Do you dream of being able to break the cycles of behaviour in your family, but struggle to break habits?


I am Beth Hardy, Parent Coach, mum to 3 kids (2 Autistic), ex-teacher and current co-parent. I have been through all the struggles above, and many more besides. I know the pain of loneliness in the job as a parent, and the huge impact that all these issues can have on your life. Not just the immediate effects which we feel day to day, but the ongoing impactful effects on our mental and physical health, and those of our kids when we DON’T act to get what we really want and desire.

Because I’ve been there, done that and bought a few dozen t-shirts for the past 15 years, I know I can support you through these challenges you are currently experiencing. 

I can support you by giving you a practical emotional toolkit which helps deal with the fallout of difficulties, but also helps you build resilience and stop the triggers which lead you down the path of reacting and feeling guilty. This helps to prevent you knocking deeper into your self worth, so you can begin to feel good enough.

Alongside the toolkit, I offer a complete program and coaching support on an ongoing basis through my Copse membership. The coaching allows you to explore what is going on for you without drawing you into going over things again and again. Together we make manageable, achievable intentions which can fit into your life NOW, even though you are a super busy mum.

Beth Hardy

Beth is an amazing and very skilled coach! She asks great questions that have opened my awareness and changed my perspective, which in turn helps me to navigate my challenging moments in parenthood. In every session she guides me towards my goals and she offers amazing resources that support her coaching and help me move forward and make progress towards becoming a more conscious and peaceful parent. Working with Beth has changed me already on a much deeper level where I really will be able to create lasting change. I highly recommend Beth and her program! I can’t thank her enough!

Annett Arkun

Astra came to me with her toddler, fed up of gettiing entangled in the constant todler tantrum battles. It was affecting her entire experience as a parent, and her life with her partner. With support of our coaching program, Astra was able to break free from these battles, and begin to enjoy her son again. It also supported her other relationships and even managed to help her get rid of the negative impact of OCD which had been increasing in her life.

Astra Jackson Pearce