Why I Got Into Coaching

So, my official professional bio looks like this:

I am a Parent & Life Coach, Podcaster and mum of 3 fun, interesting and wildly different kids. I work with parents who are stuck in negative cycles with their families and own lives. I help them through coaching programs and retreats to give them a wide range of tools to get out of these patterns of behaviour, so that they can have more fulfilling and abundant relationships with the whole family, and start to see themselves as truly worthy of love and belonging.

Beth Hardy

However, my full story looks is pretty nuanced and covers a lot of different areas of the world of being a parent. Here is a few things:

I wonder what your list looks like?

Anyway, I put a few of my thoughts on this subject into a little introductory video that you might like to check out.

Let me know in the comments your “titles”

I can’t wait.

Thank you for watching. If you are intrigued to know more about how I can help you check out more of what I do here

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