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Unassisted Birth | Home Birth | Bullying | Home Education | Vicky Drake’s Parenting Story

In this podcast we talk about Home Birth, and how Vicky ended up having an unassisted birth. She suffered severely with sleep deprivation. She tells of her need to take her child out of school due to extreme case of bullying, and this took her on an incredible journey into “Unschooling”. Sometimes life tells us what to do, and we go on the path less travelled. Vicky is so much fun, and a joy to talk with. I’m sure you’ll have fun on our ride together.

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TW: Birth, bullying, eating disorders, grief, mental health issues

Vicky Drake is a Women’s Empowerment Teacher, she loves working with Conscious Mums and Changemakers who are passionate about making a difference in the world, but they’re struggling with self-doubt, feeling lost, and they’re sick and tired of investing in themselves and not seeing any real change. She supports them in transforming their self-doubt and removing their inner blocks to success, so that they fully believe in themselves, feel empowered on their journey to creating the life of their dreams, and can fulfil their purpose and full potential, and make the difference they came here to make.

You can find Vicky by visiting her website https://www.vickydrake.com

Or hop along to her Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/empoweredmum

With more information available on her page https://www.facebook.com/vickydrakecoaching

I was doing all my research. I was making sure it was safe. I wasn’t going into it blind.

Vicky Drake, Episode 1 Beyond Parenting
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