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Why Is Being A Parent So Lonely?

Hi, this podcast is coming directly from me today. I will be interspersing the guest podcasts with shorter recordings from me, Beth Hardy, about a subject I feel strongly about.

Trigger Warning: This podcasts contains mention of the following themes which you may wish to avoid: Loneliness, polyamory, mass shootings, severe mental health issues, children being taken into care

Loneliness has plagued my life for a long period of time. In this podcast I discuss how I experienced and dealt with loneliness and I go on to talk about the subject more widely. 

I see loneliness at its core as not feeling seen or known by others, and that you can feel lonely when  you are surrounded by other people, in fact this is when it is most acutely observed and felt. It comes when we know that people don’t really understand us. When we talk about being alone.. It’s often because we are not doing things the same as other people.

Sometimes we find we are attempting to bridge the gap between us and other people by complaining. Which can help with solidarity, but not support us actually feeling good. 

I discuss the difference between belonging and fitting in, and what it is we are actually desiring.

I remember fantasising about contacting social services so I could let them have my kids

Beth Hardy, Episode 2 Beyond Parenting
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