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Am I a Good Enough Parent?

In this podcast I talk about why we feel the need to be everything to everyone all the time, and how that leads us to feeling like we aren’t good enough, when we don’t meet our impossible standards.

This is a subject I come back to over and over because we are so often stuck there. It can take a lot of healing work to lean into this idea, and fully embrace what it means to us. It is a subject worth hearing again and again and again. I think we need to drill these ideas into our heads as we have so much we are working against on a daily basis.

I go through why we have such a hard time seeing ourselves as good enough. I’ve barely scratched the surface with this podcast, but it’s a good starter. I’ll come back to it again later.

Let me know your experiences with this concept, and what you do to make sure you feel “good enough” more often.

Recognising my own needs as being as important, if not more important than my child’s

Beth Hardy, Episode 4 Beyond Parenting
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