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You Are Incredible

I don’t know how often you tell yourself that you are incredible… if ever. But you really are. We so often forget about the wonders that we achieve with our minds and bodies every day, but they really are incredible. We tend to appreciate things about them more when we have returned from ill health. But you know what, looking after your mind and body now and truly appreciating them, can mean you are MORE likely to maintain good health and well-being. 

So let’s stop and give ourselves a bit of gratitude. It can be really hard, psychologically to do positive affirmations in the mirror like. I love myself, or I love my body. So I am not suggesting that. Instead, let’s get real. Let’s really think about what about our body we are grateful for. 

It can be anything, or everything… from body organs, to our attitude to life, self care. Think about it. Give thanks for it, true, humble gratitude and then move on to something else.

Once you have finished this little exercise, hopefully you will move about your day today feeling a renewed sense of gratitude for aspects of yourself that you haven’t paid attention to. You may feel that a body / mind check every morning, and listing 3 aspects to be grateful for can be a really empowering and positive way to start your day. It may even lead you to making healthier choices about your body and mind throughout each day. Whether it is to take a 10-15 minutes break rather than keeping on going throughout the day. 

If you are used to a daily commute to work, but are continuing work at home, for example. Why don’t you use the non-commute time to treat yourself to a walk instead, or a foot massage.

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