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How I Advocated For My Autistic Kids

In this podcast we meet Moon Sade, she disusses her challenging experiences witnessing her son be overlooked repeatedly by the school system for support, and didn’t receive a diagnosis until part way through the secondary system. She goes on to tell us how she changed her whole life to advocate more for him, and for their next child, who displayed similar traits or markers. For him she took a different path. These experiences led Moon to work as a Parenting Health & Well-being coach.

Moon works with parents of high  functioning autistic children, helping them to  better understand their child’s specific needs. An Expert by Experience, and a former  teacher, Moon parents her own high  functioning autistic children. She understands  that every autistic child is different and unique,  so every strategy and programme must be  unique too.  

She also knows that doing it all by yourself is  often lonely, sometimes scary and always  challenging, but understanding and meeting  your child’s specific needs is not just important,  it’s essential!  

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It’s that judgement, that your child is undisciplined or you don’t know what you are doing

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