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Let’s Play Instead: A Worldschooling Story

TW: Mental health issues, the school system and we swear a bit.

This episode we dive into Laura’s world, world being the operative word, as she has 3 kids, and they are travelling the world “unschooling” her kids. This radical shift from the norm came after a mental health episode forced her and her husband to really think out of the box about their lives.

Laura is a worldschooling, unschooling mum of three from the UK, currently living in Vietnam with her family. Her and her husband set off on their Worldschooling journey in late 2019 (little did they know what was coming next!) after realising at the ages 35 and 39 that their current circumstances, whilst safe and secure, did not light them up.

Laura mentors other Cycle-Breaker Parents who had tough upbringings and are committed to being the gentle, empowering parent they always dreamed they would be. Her location-independent business enables her to support her family, whilst fulfilling her soul’s purpose of helping other parents and families to heal and thrive.

The Linklaters have a blog – http://www.linklatersontheloose – in which they chronicle their geographical journeys around Vietnam (and soon beyond) and philosophical discussions about the nature of education and childhood.

I realised that it was going to be like this for 20 years or something was going to change, and I couldn’t see what could change, and something broke in me and I didn’t get out of bed for two and a half days

Laura Linklater, Episode 6 Beyond Parenting
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