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Amicable Co-parenting: Is It A Thing?

TW: Mental health issues

In this Podcast episode we meet Sarah Page, a single parent working through the myriad challenges of early parenthood. We hear how she struggled with her mental health at the beginning of her journey and also recognised that her relationship with her husband was not serving her. We dig into the challenges she faced and overcame, and how she and her ex are working through the niggles and challenges of co-parenting as a team. It was great to hear this untold story and see the strategies she used.

Sarah first wanted to create something special in the depths of early motherhood, when she realised she had lost some spark for life & wanted to meet new friends outside of baby groups! She decided that thing was called Tassie, which means ‘cup’. She named it this because you can’t pour from an empty cup – so come and fill yours, do something for YOU, make friends and get inspired. Sarah is just working on planning meet-ups, events and retreats so watch this space! 

Would I want this relationship for you?

Sarah Page, Episode 7 Beyond Parenting

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