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Why I Didn’t Vaccinate My Kids

TW: Anti-Vaccination / COVID

This week we are joined by the incredible Melena Carissa, who shares her experiences of choosing not to vaccinate against COVID in a country where the rules were so strict that people had to leave their jobs in droves, and kids were forced to miss out on sports, and using any public building. 

This is not an advocation piece about Vaccination or Anti-Vaccination, this is a conversation about CHOICE, and how that sits in juxtaposition with mandatory vaccinations. Melena is not part of the anti-vax movement, but she is certainly wanting to share with you how she balanced such a tricky situation, with her family’s needs at the heart.

We go on to explore how she has developed and upheld her boundaries, particularly with her parents, as she has unlearned the programming of how she was parented. This episode has an extra treat, as my youngest child joins us part way through as he needed a time being comforted.

Melena is developing incredible resources to support parents listening to their kids and supporting them as individuals. She can be found at All the hearts on Instagram

I hope you enjoy it, and it gives you some food for thought. As always, do let us know what you think, and remember to subscribe on your favourite podcast app, as that helps us get seen and keep growing and bringing more incredible guests to share with us.

Then there was even talk that they wouldn’t be allowed to go tot school unless they got COVID vaccine.

Melena Carissa, Episode 8 Beyond Parenting

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