This blog is a space for my musings on lot of things to do with being a parent, life and most importantly radical self love. I believe that self care is the most important thing we can do for ourselves and our families.

The blog also features little bits from my podcast, Beyond Parenting. I hope you enjoy.

How to Stop Blaming Your Partner For How They Parent

You: “You’re being too hard on them…” Them: “Well someone has to because you’re being too soft!” Sound familiar? There are often a lot of arguments about the different aspects of parenting. I believe that a huge number of those arguments and resulting frustration in the relationship stem from not feeling understood, and also feeling…

Mum Confession: I Hate Elf on the Shelf

Oh shit! I forgot it again! TW You may find your love of The Elf on The Shelf to be seriously harmed from reading this blog.Really. If you are doing it, have you thought about why you are doing it? Have you got time to think of another “cheeky” thing for that elf to do the…

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