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Parenting after Foster Care

TW: Foster Care / Child Abuse / Domestic Abuse / School System

This week’s podcast delves into the world of the foster care system and critically the support structures which simply aren’t there for kids transferring to adulthood. Where is the care after abuse? Where is the therapy? Where is the training on understanding relationships? The system let Jane down over and over again, and she is determined to do her best to not let anyone down on her watch!

Jane doesn’t hold back, and gives us an intimate portrayl of her life with her daughter and how they got through, and mostly battled through the system. They are not set or settled, but Jane has grown so much through her experiences and used them to enhance the life she has created for her and her daughter.

Jane says, “As a parent coach, my passion is to support parents to grow to achieve the best outcome for their children and to become the best parents they can be.  I have a consultancy and training business in childcare and education.  One of my expertise is helping parents to bond more, understand and bridge the behaviour issues with their children.  I do this with 121 mentoring, parent group coaching community, mini masterclasses and online supportive live programmes.  I am a single parent of a 16-year-old daughter who has had challenging behaviour (though I am glad to say it is calmer down lol) My mission is to help parents to understand their children so they can enjoy parenting.”

Launch dates:  I am opening my doors to my first parent group coaching community.  For the first 20 founding members it will be £10 a month. 


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