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Red Flag Behaviour

TW: Explicit Language / Domestic Abuse / rape / murder / drug use / HIV / AIDS / mental illness

Are you doing your child a disservice by not talking with them about relationships? Being embarrassed is not a reason to keep your kids ignorant of this stuff. They are growing up, and we need to fully prepare them by shining the light in the shadows.

Despite the bleak outlook from the trigger warnings, this is actually a fun podcast. Rie, a retired police officer, shares her journey through parenthood, from toilet training, to safety. We cover a lot of ground including how to support our kids spotting red flag behaviour, and the key conversations we need to be having with our teens.

Rie Pearson is from North Tyneside. She lives overlooking the sea and describes herself as Being on the Edge!

Rie is married to David, her third husband, and has three children, two in their twenties and a teenager. Rie’s career background is in policing. She was a police officer for 27 years and retired on her 50th birthday due to ill health. She specialised in Domestic Violence and Safeguarding, working strategically for many years.

Rie’s book ”Be Kind. No Excuses”; is a guide for teenagers and parents to raise awareness of the red-flag behaviours that are a precursor to abuse in intimate relationships.

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