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How to Survive Being A Single Parent

TW Illness / Ectopic pregnancy / Single Parenting / Narcissist Partner / Eating Disorder / School Refusal / Bullying 

Nothing like life throwing you a few spanners in the works to learn and develop, become stronger and wiser. Well, all of that happened to this week’s guest, Rebecca, as she moved into parenthood, and discovered her partner was Narcissistic, and unfortunately she missed the signs or ignored them until shortly before COVID. She actually found that COVID was the best thing for her family.

She talks about the challenges and the triumphs of her journey, and how she is able to see to all her 4 kids’ needs as they navigate this space post break up.

Rebecca Eggleton is a family reconnection specialist who helps children, and parents who have experienced trauma such as divorce, bullying, mental, emotional, sexual, or physical abuse, to rebuild their lives.  

Having experienced both physical and emotional trauma as a child and adult, Rebecca knows how important the right support is for recovery. She is a certified NLP therapist, self-care expert and mental health advocate and is passionate about helping children and parents to reconnect and rebuild their relationships. Rebecca is about to launch subscription boxes including pamper and foodie hampers so women can look after themselves at home, STEM based crafts to help children develop skills, and boxes for teens/tweens to include affirmation and pamper products to build self-care.

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