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How We Trust Ourselves

TW: Violent parent / Child death / Post natal depression

In this week’s podcast we meet Kari and discuss what it means to trust ourselves as parents, and how we can work towards it. She shares some incredible nuggets of wisdom as we hear about her journey as a parent. 

Kari has over 15 years of professional experience, working in Education, Mental Health, Health Promotion and Children’s Services as a Parenting Expert. She was a Trainer of Trainers for Oxford Brookes University’s My Strong Family Faculty and Southampton City Council. Facilitating workshops for two local family charities. A Family Group Conference Coordinator to help families in moments of crisis. In addition and most importantly has over 37 years of personal experience, being a mum to 3 children and grandmother to 9 Grandchildren. Six years ago she left her career because she was no longer prepared to tick boxes and do to families rather than work with them.

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