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6 Kids & More Pets

In this week’s podcast we meet mother of 6, Sandra Egan. Who tells her tales of how she ended up with 6 kids almost homeless during the pandemic. How she is unflappable in a crisis, and tips she has to show she is human to her kids.

Sandra says, “I’m on a mission to save moms their time, energy, and sanity!
If you get discouraged with one (or many) of the daunting tasks we do as moms (or mother figures) then I got you! Especially if you are into “out of the box”
thinking! LOL
Picky Eaters? Not enough time in the day? Laundry a mile high? Trying to feed the proverbial army? Need someone to cheer you on?Then let me help! I’m here to share all the mistakes I have made (too many to count) so you can learn from them too, and share ALL THE THINGS that have WORKED!”


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