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Parenting Whilst Chronically Ill

Today we have the first in a 2 part podcast with the incredible Janine Dudash, who  has generously shared her epic journey through parenthood. We cover a lot of ground during this episode, from illness, abuse, abortion, and much more besides. It is a journey about healing, but there is a lot to hear, be prepared!

Janine is a Spiritual and Shamanic Coach who guides women in recognizing their true divine nature and acknowledging the power of the divine self to create a more joy filled and abundant life in the present moment. 

Through the guidance of the Great Spirit and the Clan Mothers, she holds sacred space for each individual to process their traumas and allow the shadows to return to the light. She practices gratitude, inner child holding, meditation, mindfulness, moonology, and plant medicine to bring women into the space and power of the present moment.

This work is sacred to me and to healing the planet. Witnessing the suffering and pain of a fellow soul and guiding them to the light assists in the healing of self, community, and ultimately the planet.

Janine’s greatest accomplishments are guiding souls to the depths of their being stems from the work she has done for decades to heal herself from addiction, Epstein Barr Virus, Lyme Disease, lead poisoning, and Gadolinium Deposition Disease. She successfully managed the mental health issues that stem from living in a state of chaos and dis-ease. She is healing.

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