The Copse – Coaching & Membership

Do you want to get that fun mum back, the one you thought you would be, but everything just stops you?

  • Forget following the parenting rule books, they don’t know your life and your children
  • Forget falling into classic #mumguilt trap… think about it, have you ever heard of #dadguilt?
  • Forget trawling round parenting FB groups for the answer

HIIT The Dancefloor Membership

What You Get When You Join:

  • Incredible Dance Fitness Classes Accessible from Your Phone, Laptop OR Cast to Your TV
  • New Dance FIIT & Dance HIIT Classes Added Weekly (60 & 30 minutes)
  • Over 320 UNIQUE classes
  • Flavours from all across the world, favourites are: Salsa, Soca, Bellydance, Bhangra & Pop
  • Notified when new workouts go up online
  • Tutorials for workout & dance moves

The REAL Self Care Course & Journal

Do you want to end each day feeling at peace? Forget about being stuck with low energy levels and stomach issues. This course brings together a wealth of tools collated from key thinkers around the world, and practical techniques which support you being able to put yoruself first, and focus on the journey you need to travel of giving from a full cup.