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REAL Self Care Course

How I Found The Time For Self Care WITHOUT Compromising On Time For My Kids

The REAL Self Care Course was developed as a result of years of trying but failing to put myself first. It came after I saw so many parents suffering through lack of time for themselves.

Initially I developed my signature program, Guilt FREE T.R.I.A.G.E Method, and found so many parents wanted it, but couldn’t commit to the financial requirement of the 121 coaching and full program. I have now made that program available WITHOUT the coaching aspect, so you can support yourself through the process.

However, some people don’t have the time for that, and so I created a series of bundles, and this the first to be released so you can access the beginning of this journey, which is the most fundamental and important. The act of taking care of yourself.

Do you want to end each day feeling at peace? Forget about being stuck with low energy levels and stomach issues. This course brings together a wealth of tools collated from key thinkers around the world, and practical techniques which support you being able to put yoruself first, and focus on the journey you need to travel of giving from a full cup.

” I’m Beth Hardy and I developed this course after struggling for over 10 years getting stuck being triggered by my kids. I know how terrible it makes you feel; day in, day out. I know that you are struggling, pulled in a hundred directions all the time, and feeling like a failure when it comes to doing a good enough job supporting your kids in the best way possible.

I know you feel the pain of knowing the best way of doing things, and even how to do it, but just can’t do it consistently to feel like it’s working. The course gives you an incredible toolkit which suport you finding yourself again.

I know how busy you are, and that doing another thing in your life feels nearly impossible. I also know that the longer you don’t take care of yourself the longer you will remain in stress and the harder it becomes to support your kids in the way you want to.

The course is designed to support you through not only this phase of parenthood, but the next one, and the next.”


I hardly have any time. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely. The course is designed with extremely busy parents in mind. The tools you will learn allow you to really step into understanding yourself, your true needs and your time on a much deeper level than ever before.

I’ve done other parent courses before and whilst they helped, they didn’t solve my problems. how do I know this is going to help me?

Think about the courses that didn’t work for you before, ask yourself, did these parent courses focus on me or the child? Because most parent courses actually focus on the child. When we remember that the only thhing we can truly change is ourselves, its easy to recognise that everything you do with regards to your child has to start with you. This is why the course focuses exclusively on you; how you think and what you do.

How long does the take?

The course is self paced. But most people complete the actions and work through the tools in around 4 weeks. You will begin seeing results straight away. You have lifetime access to the resources, which will be updated over time, so you can keep refreshing yourself as and when you want to.

What if I need help to work through the course?

If you prefer the support of a coach who will support you through the entire program from start to finish, or a less intensive support then you may benefit from a discovery call with one of our team, contact to arrange this.

What is included:

✔️ 14+ Video videos with addiitonal pdf resources

✔️ Audio version of all videos available for ease of use

✔️ Toolkit of 9 Different techniques to maximize your ability to look after yourself

✔️ Mix and Match the tools that work for you

The WHYs as well as the HOWs

This is cruicial, because if you have a How To guide, but don’t fully understand the WHY, then any tool or course you do will remain limited to the time in which you complete it.

To fully transform your life, the course provides you with the fundamentals of WHY you implementing this is going to shift your whole life experience

Key Tools in the Toolkit

Trigger Tamer

😊 Super easy and fast technique you can use to transform your negative triggers into positive ones.

😊 You even get a choice of tools so you can use the one that works best for you, so you can get immediately to a headspace you want to be in.

😊 This gives you the freedom to RESPOND to your kids rather than REACT to them.

😊 Helps you end the constant guilt cycle that your reactions currently get you into

😊 Helps you go through your day calmer and more in control.

😊 This takes you from dreading being set off by your kids behaviour to feeling confident at dealing with things as they come your way


😌 You will learn a simple 5 minute physical routine you can do on your own or with the kids, that taps into all the key energy points that support you getting rid of anxiety, and instantly brings about peace and a shifted energy

😌 PLUS A Breathing technique to bring peace allowing you to respond calmly Helping you to switch from reacting to listening, INSTANTLY

😌 Having instant access to this, will help you quickly shift to a space you want to be, rather than getting stuck in negative patterns of behaviour

😌 Supporting you to get better sleep as you will feel at greater peace with your day 

You Don’t Need To Be Stuck HERE Any More

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