Beyond Parenting is the podcast for parents sharing the ridiculous, the incredible, the mental load and utter exhaustion. We really are in it together. This is a parenting podcast with a difference: Our mission is to support other parents getting rid of those guilty feelings and having a good laugh in the process. You don’t have to feel isolated and alone on this journey any more. Plug us into your ear holes each week for a smile inducing bursts of joy, with a few practical ideas in there for good measure.

Beyond Parenting the podcast about the extraordinary lives of the extraordinary parents doing their best. We talk about getting it wrong A LOT, and finding who we are amidst the melee of kids stuff. We lift the lid on what it is to be a good enough parent, or how parents with all manner of struggles cope and sometimes even thrive through what feels like insurmountable challenges. We learn about the lives of people who don’t fit into the mould of what society portrays as what being a parent is.

I’m your host, Beth Hardy, I am a home educating mum to 2 Neurodiverse kids and 1 Neurotypical kid who goes to school. I have worked as a school teacher, baby signing instructor, Hypnobirthing Instructor and presently as Life & Parent Coach and Zumba Instructor. My favourite things to do are dancing, dancing and when the feeling catches me, I love to crochet. I’m starting this podcast after spending years with podcasts in my ears to keep me company on those long days with the kids at home, when I needed a bit of adult company.

Beth Hardy, Host of Beyond Parenting

Everyone’s journey on this parenting ride is so unique and different, but what binds us together is that our multifaceted lives bring us new challenges to navigate.