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Mum Confession: I Hate Elf on the Shelf

Oh shit! I forgot it again! TW You may find your love of The Elf on The Shelf to be seriously harmed from reading this blog.Really. If you are doing it, have you thought about why you are doing it? Have you got time to think of another “cheeky” thing for that elf to do the… Continue reading Mum Confession: I Hate Elf on the Shelf

Jane Miller, Beyond Parenting podcast episode - paarenting after foster care
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Parenting after Foster Care

TW: Foster Care / Child Abuse / Domestic Abuse / School System This week's podcast delves into the world of the foster care system and critically the support structures which simply aren't there for kids transferring to adulthood. Where is the care after abuse? Where is the therapy? Where is the training on understanding relationships?… Continue reading Parenting after Foster Care

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When It All Gets Too Much

So, I have to write this today, after another day of feeling this hitting hard. Running your own business alongside the myriad challenges of running a household with 3 kids can take it's toll. And when you are the only one doing all the thinking, organising, sorting, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning (oh oops, I think I… Continue reading When It All Gets Too Much

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How I Advocated For My Autistic Kids

In this podcast we meet Moon Sade, she disusses her challenging experiences witnessing her son be overlooked repeatedly by the school system for support, and didn't receive a diagnosis until part way through the secondary system. She goes on to tell us how she changed her whole life to advocate more for him, and for… Continue reading How I Advocated For My Autistic Kids

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Why Is Being A Parent So Lonely?

Hi, this podcast is coming directly from me today. I will be interspersing the guest podcasts with shorter recordings from me, Beth Hardy, about a subject I feel strongly about. Trigger Warning: This podcasts contains mention of the following themes which you may wish to avoid: Loneliness, polyamory, mass shootings, severe mental health issues,… Continue reading Why Is Being A Parent So Lonely?