Working With Me

When you work with me, I begin by getting to know you, what you are about, and the things that are holding you back from being where you want to be. I don’t just listen to what you say, but how you say it and what you don’t say. Altogether this picture helps me support you in the best way possible.

Each week I will bring you new techniques which are practical and bring immediate results when you implement them in your everyday life. They range from instant calming techniques to daily practices and much more.

During the sessions you will talk and I will listen out for patterns of thinking and mirror them to you. So you can recognise your thought processes. We use some of the techniques we use on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which provides instant access to changing habits and beliefs. Including our crucial technique which stops triggers in their tracks so they no longer control how you are with your kids.

Alongside our coaching session, you will have access to The Copse online program, which you work through at your own pace. After each individual coaching session I breakdown your wins; the areas we discussed; and the actions you’ve decided to take forward. You are in the driving seat and I tailor what we discuss and how our sessions are, according to what I learn about you and what you are working towards.

The Copse

If you opt for group sessions the onus is more on you to define what you want to be discussing and how you want support. So if you are more of a self starter and needing less support a group option might be suitable. If you need more hand holding and guidance, then one to one would be more suitable.

I want everyone to succeed, so I don’t recommend anyone start with a program if I don’t believe that they can benefit from it, which is why I recommend booking a FREE chat with me so we can establish the best way forward.

Most people find that after about three weeks of working with me, they are beginning to see huge transformational effects on their own self worth; their level of self compassion and crucially, the communication with their whole family. 

WARNING: The program only works if you put the work in between sessions; if you go from coaching session to coaching session without this, you are unlikely to make progress.

As we continue on, the ripple effects begin to grow into other areas of life. People often begin to find they’re able to explore new, different areas that they hadn’t even contemplated on looking at. You would reach your goals, and start to progress through life seeking opportunities to be even more fulfilled and enriched. 

The confidence that you will gain and the ability to catch the limiting beliefs means that you no longer have to keep searching for the answer, you have a complete emotional toolkit to guide you through your life and relationships, now and into the future.

Beth Hardy, Getting Back 2 U

We are always growing and developing. But coaching in juxtaposition to counselling and therapy is about you working towards something that you want. And that momentum is really important. We don’t dwell on the things that aren’t going well. I carefully guide you in springboarding from the things that have been holding you back and into feeling the feelings and doing the things that you have dreamed of.

This supports you BREAK FREE from the trap of the TOXIC spiral of Trigger / React / Guilt, that pulls down your self worth on a consistent basis, and makes you feel like you are not good enough, and makes you less able to cope with the challenges you face on a daily basis.

We do not ignore the tough things that have happened, and are happening, but we don’t dwell on them. Learning from our experiences is how we can grow and become more resilient when faced with setbacks. 

This work is NOT comfortable.

This work is NOT for people who are happy to stay in their unfulfilling lives.

This work is NOT for people who don’t recognise the negative impact of our low sense of self worth upon our kids.

This work is NOT for people who think that it is okay to just wait for their lives to begin again when their kids leave home.

This work IS for you if you want to let go of the guilt and feeling like you are not good enough.

And if you are READY to communicate well with your kids, and make all of your lives easier.

Annett headshot

Beth is an amazing and very skilled coach! She asks great questions that have opened my awareness and changed my perspective, which in turn helps me to navigate my challenging moments in parenthood. In every session she guides me towards my goals and she offers amazing resources that support her coaching and help me move forward and make progress towards becoming a more conscious and peaceful parent. Working with Beth has changed me already on a much deeper level where I really will be able to create lasting change. I highly recommend Beth and her program! I can’t thank her enough!

Annett Arkun

California, US

Lisa Headshot

I have just finished my 8 weeks with Beth and I am sad that it has come to an end. I have really loved working with Beth, she is an inspiration. I cant believe the changes i have made in my life in such a short time and I will continue to build on everything I have learned. I was just surviving and totally lost when I started but now I can look forward to a brighter future. I would highly recommend this programme and I can’t thank her enough 😁

Lisa Young

Bristol, UK

Astra headshot

This is a fantastic course that helps guide you through all the steps you need to live a more harmonious life with less stress. If anybody has any doubts about doing this….don’t doubt it, just do it and see the rewards. It’s absolutely amazing, I have loved every week of it and sad to see the sessions end xxx

Astra Pearce

London, UK

Janine headshot

 The support that you’ve given me throughout, you know, the whole time, all of that came down to my focus on myself, focusing on my meditations daily, focusing on knowing that I could, you know, let go of control, let go of the fears that I was having and let go of, most recently was the limiting belief that I was unworthy. being guided by you to do that is has been like, the cherry on top of everything.

Janine Dudash

Pennsylvania, US